Baby Bakken 1.0
Telescope Project
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Unloaded from the trailer, the unassembled parts are placed on a large piece of carpet prior to starting the assembly process. Working this way, always following the same procedure, lowers the chance for problems putting Hercules together, and confirms that all of the parts are present prior to starting the assembly.


Custom built cage clamps are spaced around the circumference of the cage base ring. The clamps hold the cage securely to the ring, yet allow for easily rotating adjustment to accomodate the various heights encountered in a night's worth of viewing.



While the scope can be assembled with about one and a half people, it is easier and faster with three. From unloading to ready to view takes just about an hour. So far everyone has agreed that the views through the eyepiece are worth the wait.



One or two more adjustments and we can have a little dinner while we wait for nightfall. As you can see, this is not a scope for someone who has a fear of heights. I've taken Hercules to some of the club's public star parties and literally hundreds of people of all ages have climbed up for a look without a single incident... except for the oohing and aahing.

In back of the scope you can see the Haulmark trailer, this is where the telescope lives when it is not catching photons. The rear features a ramp down door that is spring loaded to load and unload the telescope. On the right side is another door for access.




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