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New Hercules Project

Dan Bakken & The Hercules Project

While I do have other passions, this site is mainly about my interest in astronomy and the building of my 41.2" portable telescope (and yes, that .2" is important). Just so you know, my other interests include Star Trek (especially Classic), The Beatles, laserdiscs and DVD's. Thanks for stopping by.

 Hercules - A 41.2" Newtonian Telescope

My pride and joy, Hercules is the largest amateur portable telescope in the world. It is almost totally hand-made, including the optics, by myself... with a little help from my friends!
Personal info: My wife, Cathy, is becoming an amateur astronomer (of her own free will) too. My profession involves growing compound semicondutor crystals used in infrared imaging. I also teach Astronomy part time at Spokane Falls Community College.